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A Christmas present for cute kid & girl - A Clever Rabbit Hat - an EMG sensor based

DFRobot Dec 21 2018 2015

I love watching movies and TV serial shows. But every time when my favourite character got a bad ending, I would be upset for days and decide never to watch anything wrote by this screenwriter again. But one day, I missed the ending of one tv show I really like because my father told me to finish my homework first, and he affirmed that once you skip the preset ending, there will be no limitation for your imagination. At that time, I seemed to comprehend something. And now I realize that whatever stuff in this world should never be constrained by the preset, only under such circumstance can we get more space to further create and develop.

This is an EMG sensor I bought from DFRobot. An EMG sensor can detect surface electromyography to reflect muscle and neural activities of human. Combining with a rabbit hat and several other stuff, it was evolved into a clever hat that can detect human facial expression such as scowling, grimacing, shocking, etc. Put the dry electrode to the area to be detected, the sensor will output analog signal to indicate the intensity of muscle activities. Let’s speak less  and just get started!

Things you may need in this project:

  1. Gravity: Analog EMG Sensor by OYMotion   ×1
  2. Beetle - The Smallest Arduino       ×1
  3. Lithium Battery Charger         ×1
  4. 3.7 V Lithium Battery        ×1
  5. 9g 180° Micro Servo   ×2
  6. Rabbit Hat   ×1
  7. Needles and Thread
  8. Two-step Toggle Switch  ×1
  9. Elastic (Width: 1.5cm Length: 40cm) ×1
  10. Stick ×2
  11. Hot Melt Adhesive

Connection Diagram

Step 1.
This is the thing we need to remake today---a clever rabbit hat.

The main operation is to stick the sensor on the front area of the hat.
When we feel angry, scowl, make grimaces or shock,
the muscle near to the eyebrow will constantly react in these facial activities.

2.Solder all parts together

Plug the battery to the battery charger directly:

Prepare a red and black wire:

There are three wire on the sensor: red, black and blue.

Now soldering job is done.

Step 3.

Step 4.

Step 5.

Step 6.