By sartbaug
The TTL converter just came. Do you know what specific AT commands will/might need to be changed so the device is discoverable to other devices?
By sartbaug
I finally got them working. The issue appeared to be that the devices were stuck in inquirying mode. I used the "AT+DISC" setting and made sure it said disconnected with "AT+DISC?" then it was easy to find on my computer. For the time being, I've bound them to my computer's MAC for easy debugging.
By Leff
Great! Congrats!

And I found before sending AT+DISC, it needs to send "AT+INIT" first to initialize the SPP or will get error(16).
By Leff
To sweep this post: How to pair BT2.0 module V3 with PC/ phone?

Thanks to Sartbaug asking this question, or I won't know there are two methods to pair it with pc, in Normal mode and AT mode. I bet that some ppl just want to use it in normal mode on Arduino which can be controlled by a pc or phone, it could be done very easily, like this post reads, How to control Arduino wirelessl/ bluetooth by phone?, but they might forget the AT setting switch, so they would be facing a problem that This module can NOT even be found!!! If you do meet this problem, turn the little switch to "OFF" side as:

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It would be solved.

And here, we would show you how to connect this BT with your PC (sure, it should be with Bluetooth feature) in AT mode.

  1. If you turned AT mode on, i.e. the switch was put at ON side. As you insert the module to TTL converter and connected with PC. The module just does NOT show up:

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  2. Enter AT mode by any serial monitor (38400, CR+LF), send these three commands in turn:
    1. AT
    2. AT+INIT
    3. AT+DISC
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  3. Then after a while, you could find your BT appears up.
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  4. Click to pair, the paring code is 1234 by default, or input yours.
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  5. After paring success, you could find two new COM ports in your Device Manager.
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NOTE: AT mode pairing with PC has nothing to do with ROLE setting. That is to say even you set BT as Master/ center, it still could be found & connected, however, you must set it as Slave/ peripheral (AT+ROLE=0) to make it work in Normal Mode.
By sartbaug
Leff, do you know if there's a datasheet that shows what the LED flashing frequency means? Occasionally i see it do a slow pulse. Sometimes it's a fast blink. In AT mode it appears to have a different flash sequence, but is there documentation for what each one means?