LakiBeam 1 - 270 Degree Industrial-grade Single-line 2D ToF LiDAR (25m, 12V, Ethernet UDP, IP65)

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This 2D single-line pulsed time-of-flight (ToF) LiDAR scanner can realize the scanning measurement of the environmental profile within 270 degrees of the horizontal plane, with a precision of 2cm within a detection range of 0-25m. With compact and small size, the radar module features small size, light weight, high stability, adjustable angular resolution of 0.1°/0.25°, and near-zero blind zone. This single-line 2D laser radar is designed for medium-to-low speed and long-distance detection, and can be used in areas such as robot environmental perception, map surveying, industrial process monitoring, and security.

270 Degree Single-line 2D ToF LiDAR 1 parameters

0-25m detection range, 270° scanning, more reliable than 360° LiDAR

Dimensional Scanning Diagram

Lidar Horizontal Scanning Range and Vertical Beam Emission Height

The high sampling rate of 36,000 times per second ensures high-quality point cloud output.

270 Degree Single-line 2D ToF LiDAR high sampling rate

Resistant to 100KLux strong light, capable of high-frequency and high-precision measurement and mapping both indoors and outdoors.

270 Degree Single-line 2D ToF LiDAR Resistant to 100KLux strong light

VCSEL laser emitter, smaller laser spot size

With the VCSEL laser emitter, the laser spot size of the laser radar can be smaller, resulting in less trailing and higher point cloud accuracy compared to EEL laser emitters.

VCSEL laser emitter, smaller laser spot size

Built-in web service for easy monitoring and radar setup

The built-in web service provides functions such as dashboard display, radar settings, and firmware updates (OTA), making it easy to monitor and configure the radar system. The device supports two communication modes: Ethernet RJ45 (default) and masked USB, with a 5.5-2.1 DC power interface (Recommend this 12V/1A power adapter for power supply). Once connected properly, users can access the built-in web service of the device through a web browser by visiting

Built-in Web Service for easy monitoring and radar setup

Cost-effective LiDAR, more choices for various applications

It can be applied to scenes such as robots, multimedia interactions, perimeter security, etc., or used as the main laser for indoor robots and the oblique laser for outdoor robots.

270 Degree Single-line 2D ToF LiDAR Applications

270 Degree Single-line 2D ToF LiDAR Applications

270 Degree Single-line 2D ToF LiDAR Applications

Built-in brushless motor

Low noise/Durable/Long service life

 270 Degree Single-line 2D ToF LiDAR Built-in brushless motor

Class 1 Eye Safety Laser Standards

The laser power received in a fixed unit of time is less than 1mW, which complies with CLASS 1 laser safety standards.

LiDAR Class 1 Eye Safety Laser Standards

Selection Guide of 2D ToF LiDAR

270 Degree Single-line 2D ToF LiDAR Contrast Selection Guide

How does the Single-line 2D ToF LiDAR work?

Based on the pulsed Time-of-Flight (pToF) methodology, the LiDAR module consists of a laser diode, optical detector, optical system and Time-to-Digital converter. The laser diode emits a beam of by short laser pulses, meanwhile, the Time-to-Digital converter starts, the object’s surface produces a diffuse reflection after the beam hits the target object and the returning beam is detected by the optical detector, and then Time-to-Digital converter stops. Then we can calculate the distance from the device to the measurement target based on the time difference obtained. But this only achieves point-to-point ranging, in order to realize point-to-plane 2-dimensional Scanning, the product has a built-in rotating mirror to realize the ranging of different azimuth with rotating mirror by the motor driving. The ranging results obtained by rotation of the mirror are combined in sequence, which are the set of all the ranging results in a plane.


  • Compact design, light and small
  • Zero blind zone, strong light resistance, cost-effective
  • 36,000 times/second sampling, 0.1° angle resolution, high point cloud quality
  • 270° Lidar, more reliable than 360° Lidar
  • Applications

  • Automation Fields: Automation fields such as industrial automation, port automation and so on
  • Main Laser: Main laser for indoor robots
  • Oblique Laser: Outdoor robots
  • Mapping and Obstacle Avoidance: It can be used for mapping and AGV obstacle avoidance
  • Specification

  • Model: LakiBeam 1
  • Horizontal FOV: 270°
  • Horizontal Angle Resolution and Corresponding Rotation Frequency: 0.1°(10Hz); 0.25°(25Hz, 20Hz, 30Hz)
  • Detection Range: ≥25m@70% reflectivity, ≥15m@10% reflectivity
  • Data Sampling Rate: 36kHz(10Hz); 28.8kHz(20Hz); 36kHz(25Hz); 43.2kHz(30Hz)
  • Detection Accuracy: ±2cm
  • Data Output Format: Ethernet UDP/USB
  • Data Transmission Method: UDP/IP (100 Mbps Ethernet)
  • Data Output: Distance, angle, echo intensity, time (internal)
  • Size: 60×60×80mm/2.36×2.36×3.15”
  • Wavelength: 940nm
  • Protection Level: IP65
  • Operating Voltage: 9-36V
  • Operating Temperature: -25 to 60℃
  • Storage Temperature: -40 to 75℃
  • Power Consumption: ≤2W
  • Weight: 160g
  • Communication Interface: RJ45
  • Power Interface Size: 5.5 x 2.1mm
  • Recommended Power Supply: 12V/1A power adapter (certified)
  • Documents

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  • 270 Degree Single-line 2D ToF LiDAR 1 (0-25m) ×1
  • Radar Fixator (Pair) × 1

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    LakiBeam 1 - 270 Degree Industrial-grade Single-line 2D ToF LiDAR (25m, 12V, Ethernet UDP, IP65)

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