DF15RSMG 360 Degree Motor

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This is the most powerful standard servo sized motor from DFRobot so far. The DF15RSMG  equips with two pairs of the servo shells. One is a stardard shell with four M4 mounting holes. And the other one includes a shell with double bearing which is specially designed for the application of the robot arm or the joints.The shells of this kit are thickened to make it stable enough for motion system.
Using the Arduino servo library, you could drive this servo motor easily.To reduce the consumption of your microcontroller, this servo has a lock function for the pulse detection. So driving it to a target position just requires one PPM controlling signal.

NOTE: This Servo Motor is not a servo which allows you control position or speed, but it is actually a motor with servo appearance, and you can control its rotating direction. You could use servo.h to make the adjustment. 
Cable definition
  • Brown - GND
  • Red  - VCC
  • Orange  - Signal(PPM input wire)


Mechanical specification
  • Rotation angle range: 360°
  • No-load speed:60°/0.16s @7.2v
  • Stall
  • Gear:steel,copper mixed gear
  • Assembly method:fastening with double layer 4 screws
  • Equip 2 pairs of shells,2 metal servo horns and 2 servo support
  • Size: 40x40x20mm (1.57x1.57x0.79")
Electrical specification 
  • Working Voltage: 5-7.2v
  • Stall current:2A(@7.2V - Limit test)
  • PPM Voltage:3V-5V
  • Range of PPM positive pulse width: 500us-2500us


Shipping List

  • DF15RSMG Servo x1
  • Servo Shell x2
  • Fitting package x1


Project 1. How to Make a Small Cannon
In this project it shows how author made a small cannon for my lovely player in reality.
Main Components:
DFRduino UNO R3
Gravity IO Expansion & Motor Driver Shield
DF15RSMG 360 Degree Motor
DC Decelerate Motor
Push Button
Gravity: Analog Rotation Potentiometer Sensor V1 For Arduino
laser carved board




DF15RSMG 360 Degree Motor

In Stock
  • 2-4$17.50
  • 5-9$17.00
  • 10+$16.50