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DFRobot Selection Guide provides a detailed parameter comparison about specific products including single board computers, arduino gas sensors, lidars, modules, and more, which can shorten your selection time and help you quickly find the right product.

  • RISC-V vs ARM vs x86: Which Processor Reigns Supreme?
    Can RISC-V surpass X86 and ARM?

    The Future of Microprocessors Description: RISC-V, ARM, and x86 microprocessors are all competing to shape the future of computing. In this article, we explore the differences between these three architectures, their advantages and disadvantages, and how they may develop in the future.

    Nov 23 2023
  • Ultrasonic Sensor Review: Comparing DFRobot URM09, HC-SR04, Devantech SRF02 & Maxbotix MB1040
    Ultrasonic Sensor Review: Comparing DFRobot URM09, HC-SR04, Devantech SRF02 & Maxbotix MB1040

    This article will delve into four mainstream series of ultrasonic sensors: URM, HC SR04, Devantech, and Maxbotix, analyzing their working principles, performance characteristics, and real-world application examples.

    Nov 23 2023
  • Choosing the RISC-V CPU Development Board: A Comprehensive Guide
    Stepping into RISC-V: A Detailed Look at Four Common RISC-V CPU Development Boards

    Learn about HiFive Unmatched and VisionFive 2, two high-performance RISC-V CPU development boards. Explore their technical features, customization options, and broad application potential in IoT, AI, and embedded systems.

    Nov 23 2023
  • Selection Guide of DAC Modules
    Selection Guide of DAC Modules

    The DAC modules selection guide including its SKU, chip, number of channels, input and output options, resolution, accuracy, unique features, functional diagrams.

    Oct 25 2023
  • Comparisons between FireBeetle ESP32, ESP8266, ESP32 C6, and ESP32 S3
    Comparisons between FireBeetle ESP32, ESP8266, ESP32 C6, and ESP32 S3

    Discover the differences and similarities between FireBeetle ESP32, ESP8266 and ESP32 S3 microcontrollers in this comprehensive comparison guide. Make an informed choice for project requirements.

    Sep 25 2023
  • Unlock Creativity: micro:bit Accessories for Fun Projects
    Unlock Creativity: micro:bit Accessories for Fun Projects

    Delve into the world of micro:bit peripherals and unlock limitless possibilities. Enhance the innovations with expansion boards, robotics, AI, IoT, displays, power supply, and more.

    SELECTION GUIDE micro:bit
    Sep 13 2023
  • Exploring the Differences: Solid-State LiDAR vs Mechanical LiDAR
    Exploring the Differences: Solid-State LiDAR vs Mechanical LiDAR

    In this article, we delve into the intricacies of both solid-state and mechanical LiDARs, comparing their key features and exploring their use cases.

    Sep 13 2023
  • Brushless DC motor driver Selection Guide
    How to choose a brushless DC motor driver?

    Learn how to choose the right brushless DC motor driver in our informative article. Discover the basics of brushless DC motors and drivers, explore their applications across various industries, and gain insights into the key parameters to consider when selecting a suitable driver.

    Aug 31 2023
  • How to Choose the Best URM Ultrasonic Sensors for Your Project
    DFRobot URM Ultrasonic Sensors: High-Performance and Diverse Selection

    Ultrasonic sensors have a wide range of applications in various industries, including security, liquid level detection, and obstacle avoidance. Discover how the URM series of ultrasonic distance measurement modules can meet your business needs and improve efficiency.

    SELECTION GUIDE ArduinoGravity
    Aug 15 2023
  • Discover the science behind electrochemical gas sensors and how they detect inorganic toxic and combustible gases
    How Electrochemical Gas Sensors Work and Key Parameters for Gas Detection

    Find out how electrochemical gas sensors are used for air quality monitoring, detecting explosive and toxic gases, oxygen monitoring in the medical field, and food quality control. Learn the key advantages and potential drawbacks of these sensors.

    Aug 10 2023
  • Choosing the Right LoRaWAN Gateway Software: An Overview of 4 Common Platforms
    LoRaWAN Gateway Software

    Selecting the right LoRaWAN gateway software can be a challenge for IoT projects. Get informed on the 4 most popular platforms - ChirpStack Gateway OS, TTN Gateway Connector, Semtech UDP Packet Forwarder, and LoRa Basics™ Station - and learn which one suits your specific needs.

    Aug 10 2023
  • DFRobot Solar Power Manager Series Selection Guide
    Solar Power Manager Series Selection Guide

    The DFRobot Solar Power Manager series is designed for IoT and renewable energy projects, providing safe and high-efficiency embedded solar power management modules for makers and application engineers.

    Aug 07 2023
  • Building a Smart Home with LoRaWAN Technology
    How to Build a LoRaWAN System for Home Scenarios

    The steps involved in building a LoRaWAN system for smart homes. Learn how to analyze system requirements, design network topology, select devices, and deploy application services for a stable, scalable, and secure system.

    Jul 13 2023
  • Exploring the Interconnections: Main Boards, SBCs, Mini PCs, and Edge Servers
    Everything You Need to Know About Mini PCs, SBS, SBCs, and Motherboards

    Learn about differences and applications of the main boards, SBCs, mini PCs, and edge servers. Understand their interconnections and distinctions to make informed choices for your projects. A comprehensive guide to computer hardware.

    Jul 07 2023
  • Exploring the Potential of SBCs as LoRaWAN Gateways in IoT Applications
    Raspberry Pi and LattePanda: Exploring the Potential of SBCs as LoRaWAN Gateways in IoT Applications

    Are you looking for the ideal LoRaWAN gateway for your IoT application? This article offers a comparative analysis of various types of LoRaWAN gateways, including indoor, outdoor, and industrial-grade, to assist readers in selecting the most suitable gateway for their specific needs.

    SELECTION GUIDE Raspberry PiLattePanda
    Jun 07 2023
  • Motion Sensors Explained: How They Work and Their Applications
    What are the Types of Motion Sensors?

    Learn about the differences between active and passive motion sensors, including how they work and their applications.

    Jun 01 2023
  • The Importance of Monitoring CO2 in Greenhouses: A Guide to Optimal Plant Growth
    CO2 Concentration Monitoring in Greenhouses

    Discover the importance of selecting the right CO2 sensor for your greenhouse, based on factors such as measurement range, accuracy, response time, stability, price, and power consumption.

    May 26 2023
  • Explore the Top Wireless Technologies for Communication and Data Transmission
    A Comprehensive List of Top Wireless Technologies

    Learn about the pros and cons of cellular networks, LPWANs, mmWave, LoRaWAN, Radio Frequency, Zigbee, Satellite communication, and Wi-Fi.

    May 11 2023
  • The Benefits and Challenges of LoRaWAN NetWork: A Comprehensive Guide
    Getting Started with LoRaWAN

    This article presents four simple steps to help you become familiar with LoRaWAN and decide how to apply it in your project. Discover the advantages of LoRaWAN, what it can be used for, how it works, and how to prepare for your first LoRaWAN project.

    May 06 2023
  • Millimeter-Wave Sensors Accuracy and Applications
    How Accurate are mmWave Sensors?

    Learn about millimeter-wave sensors and how they achieve high-precision detection in applications such as radar, communication systems, and autonomous vehicles.

    May 05 2023
  • Why Use Single Board Computers (SBCs) for Robotics
    Single Board Computer (SBC) for Robotics

    The benefits of using Single Board Computers (SBCs) for robotics. SBCs are small, portable, easy to program and configure, and offer high performance. They are also adaptable and scalable.

    May 04 2023
  •  A Comprehensive Guide for Select the Ultrasonic Sensor
    How to Select the Ultrasonic Sensor

    Learn working principle and how to select the best ultrasonic sensor for your application. Find the perfect sensor for distance measurement, obstacle detection, and liquid level monitoring.

    May 04 2023
  • Comparing Millimeter Wave and Microwave Communication Technologies
    Millimeter Wave vs Microwave

    Learn about millimeter wave and microwave communication technologies, including their properties, advantages, and uses in data transmission.

    Apr 28 2023
  • Comparison of Wireless Technologies: LoRaWAN and Zigbee , WiFi , NB-IoT
    Comparison of Wireless Technologies: LoRaWAN and Zigbee , WiFi , NB-IoT

    LoRaWAN, Zigbee, WiFi, and NB-IoT wireless communication methods have their own differences in networking, power consumption, communication distance, security, and stability.

    Apr 12 2023
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