By nickstarinskas
Hey so i bought an alpha about 8 months ago, and it worked really well for its intended use. then when i took it apart and hooked potentiometers up to the arduino i realized that it had caught on fire. It was a pretty expensive computer and im not sure what to do with it. It doesnt seem safe and I just kind of cleaned it off and threw it back in the box it came in. I bought a different computer for my project, but i wish i could use something more geared towards prototyping. Does anyone know anything about this?
Alpha is a very old product. If you are unable to repair, you can take a picture and we will help you find the reason. You can also send it back to us to help you repair it. But because the damage is caused by your personal reasons, you need to pay for the repair and transportation costs
By nickstarinskas
You know, i think the issue here was the thermal paste that came on it. Do you think you could replace this one with a Panda, without thermal paste all over my CPU?
By nickstarinskas
Nah, you guys don't have the balls to make this right. It's because of shit like this the world is rioting against the upper class.
By 347945801
Hi, so sorry for all inconvenience caused.
So sorry the bad experience caused improper words from my colleague.
From your description, in fact, its really abnormal to burn CPU. Because all arduino operations are handles by independent chip.
The high potentiometer voltage may be the reason.
Delta is good to make, but for the project of a higher level, Alpha performs better.
I am checking this issue with the engineer, and waiting for their feedback now.
I am so sorry for this, sorry.