By Improviser
Just received my board and when to down load docs but cannot find the product page anymore.

Anyone know wha't's up?
By Hector

The SSC32 controller has been discontinued.

it is compatible with the lynxmotion software.

By Improviser
Discontinued?  Already???

I don't need support, I need to purchase.

I need to buy a quantity of them....anyone know where I can get more???

Wonder if Lynxmotion threatened a lawsuit.
By Hector

We still have a few left, how many are you looking to buy? You can send us a purchase order to: sales "AT"

P.S., they did not threaten to sue.
By teremock
Disappearing SSC32 servo controller was unpleasant unexpected surprise.
Are you going to recover producing or or replace by new model something like it?
By Hector

We still have a few left in stock if you would like to purchase please contact our sales dept. as mentioned in my previous post.

The SSC32 will be replaced by a different model with better functionality. But I'm not sure when the new model will be available.