By Ronin
I recently got three of the Blunos, and I'm having a few issues.
1. I wanted to reprogram them with the latest firmware (1.6 I believe) but there's no where to get 1.6, on [url=][/url]  the latest version is 1.4

2. I can't get any of the demo sketches to compile, after installing the PlainProtocol library into my arduino/libraries folder, it stopped one error but I keep getting this issue with the library.
Arduino\libraries\PlainProtocol\/PlainProtocol.ino:98: error: 'Serial1' was not declared in this scope

3. There should be some more documentation, and some more comments in the code. I need to set one as central, and the other two as peripherals, and get prototype up and running. Does anyone have experience with this? I know the ti cc2540 supports it.
By Grey.CC
Hello Ronin,
It is a backup link.
Please check the new version wiki: [url=][/url]

By the way, how did you get this link?
By Ronin
I've been searching everywhere, to and fro to find the solution to my issue. Which is still unresolved. Short answer is, I don't remember where I found that link exactly.
By Ronin
Thanks for the link, I figured out how to make things work. But I'm still having issues getting two peripheral blunos to connect to one central bluno. Do you have a another document that could help me?
By Grey.CC
Hello Ronin,
For now, it still can't connect two device at the same time.
We will make efforts.
By Ronin
Thanks for the response. What's your time table on that fix?
By Ronin
Is there anyway to do this in a day or two? I have a show I am trying to prepare for by the end of the week.


By Grey.CC
Could you tell me what you want to do with this hardware?
By Ronin
I want to get three bluno boards to connect with each other via bluetooth connection.
By visualxl
Have you accomplished this by the way? I am interested in this too.