By tk1965
Sure post it where ever you want. You need to buy 2 of these kits to make it steerable like I have. But its super easy as all you do is trim the X members slightly to snap two kits together. Then hot glue on a controller and sensors.

Let me know if you have any questions. But this is so simple there's no further directions really needed. ... ider-robot
By tk1965
I have been asked numerous times on how to build this chassis after posting it on here.

You simply buy 2 of these kits, then build one with left legs only, then build the other with right legs only, then slightly trim the X members on the end between the 2 leg halves, then snap them together to make 1 chassis. The image of the robots underside shows all you need to know. Because when you have the kits in hand you will see that they literally snap together. So making this chassis out of 2 of them is VERY common sense, and easy since they were made to be assembled in this way.