Hi, I checked it with the development group, the function to control encoder sensors by PRM and distance can be realized by burning the latest firmware to Maqueen+.
The firmware is already developed but not released yet, we are preparing the tutorial to help users updating by themselves, it may be released in one week.
And once the firmware released, mind+ group will develop the relating blocks accordingly, but it is a little time-consuming, and you can try developing user-defined blocks in the User-Ext in mind+, here is the tutorial: https://mindplus.dfrobot.com.cn/ext-api
Hi Matulac,
I have also checked this problem with Mind+ group.
From their side I know that in Offline mode, there are 2 modes: one for arduino CC, one for micropython. If you choose micropython, then due to it is still in the development, we can only find what you found before, Microbit board offers only 2 shields micro:IO-Box and motor:bit.