Recently, I bought a "Gravity: BNO055+BMP280 intelligent 10DOF AHRS" Sensor to use with my Teensy 3.6. It shows up in the i2c scanner but the example read_data code for bno055 says bno not detected.
How can I fix this problem? BMP280 works fine with Teensy 3.6.

By quigg

We recently purchased the HPS-3D160-L LiDAR sensor and am following your tutorial to set it up on my machine. I am using Windows 10 but am receiving a .NET error when I try to install the driver. The error message is:
.NET Framework 4.6.1 or a later update is already installed on this computer.
Any suggestions on this?

Also - I have the ethernet model with an ethernet / USB adapter, should I expect any problems with this setup?

Thanks so much!