By glennd1075
Hello All

I have just received my Lattepanda Alpha 864 (DFR0547) with Windows 10 Activated and am simply wondering what figure 8 power cord I should use for connecting to the supplied Power Adapter... and furthermore suitable for an Australian wall socket, that is, with either a 2 or 3 pin connector.

The supplied figure 8 cables are for European and U.S (maybe?) wall sockets and I am itching to get this thing plugged in to see it in action.

Am I after an IEC-C7 figure 8 cable or do I need to be more specific in my selection?

I am thinking of purchasing the cable as per the link provided (see following) but to err on the side of caution am hoping that someone can advise me so I don't manage to create a very expensive paper weight with the wrong cord.

Here is the link: ... m-japl3012

Will this do the job and manage not to cause any damage to the Lattepanda Alpha?

Apologies for what is probably a very silly question but I am not a sparky (Aussie slang for an electrician) and don't want to brick my power brick or the board itself with a bad selection.

I look forward to any advice you may be able to offer and appreciate your time.

PS - I am aware that I could buy an adapter but would prefer a complete and compatible figure 8 cord as I find the adapters slightly sloppy for lack of a better term in their interconnection.

Cheers folks :)
Well, that is a hell of a question actually. I am not a specialist, however I actually think that you have to be way more specific in your selection actually. I mean, there could be a lot of other issues actually with this situation. To be honest, I do not really think that you are after an IEC-C7 figure 8 cable, that just does not make any kind of sense. I think that you should actually call for the services of ... -artarmon/ as they are the best electricians that I know, and they might actually help you.