By smdbot
I bought the 7.4V LiPo battery -- [url=][/url] -- hoping to power both Arduino and motors on a robot. But what arrived isn't as shown in the shop. It has only the Arduino lead, not the second lead as shown in the picture. And I have no way of connecting it in order to charge it.
By Hector
Hi Smdbot,

This is the new version of the battery which includes a protection circuit in case you discharge the battery fully. Which also allows it to be charged directly from a 9Vdc supply. You can just plug in directly to the same wires to charge the battery.

To charge it you may use this: [url=]Battery charger[/url]

Or connect it directly to a 9Vdc source by using a: [url=]female DC Jack[/url]

I'm sorry for the confusion. We will be updating the picture shortly.
By smdbot
Hector, I don't know about Tuxbrain, who asked that question, but I have the charger you linked to from your post.

BTW, I haven't done any heavy-duty work with the battery yet, just development work where the battery is being used to drive an Arduino Mega, motor shield (but not the motors), a bunch of sensors and a servo. Haven't had to recharge it yet!
By Hector

the battery charger has some settings that will affect the charge time of the battery. The charger will beep when the battery is full. If you set the charger to 3Amps it will take that battery about 1 hour to be fully charged, since it is 2200mAh.

By tuxbrain
What battery charger are you using?

I mean using a 9V power source, without a charger,
or it still needs  especialized charger?
By Hector
No, it does not need a specialized charger. You can use the 9V adapter, just notice the current it supplies. if for example it supplies 1A current then it will take about 3 hours to charge. Since it will supply 1A per hour.