i have a Beetle Bluno board and i tried the Bluno Basic Demo app from Google Play Store. The app works well. After that i compiled the source code from https://github.com/DFRobot/BlunoBasicDemo. This time the app can't connect to the board, it's impossible to pair the device.
Did anybody encounter this issue? Is the source code on Github maybe outdated?
If you need additional informations, just ask.


Hello! Thank you for sharing! I think issues like this are inevitable and I agree that it may relate to the application update. Nonetheless, the best thing that we can do is to report the problem and wait for the issues to be resolved. Meanwhile, while we hope for a better experience, it is better if we can have something interesting to dwell with. The tiktok download is now available to watch and share cute and cool video clips. You can also read video game reviews at playpc reviews to know more about your favorite games and applications. Have fun!