No, it is NOT working properly. The sketch should upload automatically, but in my current setup it will only upload when i manually reset the arduino mega at the point when the sketchs starts uploading from the computer. I have hooked up the scope to the ble-link to see if the ble-link fires a reset. It does not. This seems to be the core of the issue. Can you think of any reason why the ble-link does not give a reset pulse to the board?

please advise.
Hello again,

I tried on my side no access to program wirelessly either. And I figured out why:

Even it's tested on UNO, it's still failed. It's because the UNO/Mega's pin TX/RX was connected to BLE link's RX/TX through the expansion shield ( COM0 ), but it should be TX/RX - TX/RX which will make it success.

That's why it needs BLUNO/Bluno Nano/BLE link/Romeo BLE/Bluno Mega ×2 to make it, but not a uno/romeo/mega with a BLE link on it.

If you need the wireless programing function in your project, you can try this module_ Bluno mega(2560/1280).
http://www.dfrobot.com/index.php?route= ... ption=true
http://www.dfrobot.com/index.php?route= ... ption=true
nick.koning wrote:Wireless uploading is working now. the problem was the version of the arduino IDE. it does work in version 1.0.4 and it does NOT work in 1.6.4

Thank you for your help!

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Yes! I also made it today!

I updated the firmware to the latest 1.94 ble link, then it is woking! :)

Thanks for your feedback!