HuskyLens is an easy-to-use AI machine vision sensor. It is equipped with multiple functions, such as face recognition, object tracking, object recognition, line tracking, color recognition, and tag(QR code) recognition.
I have interface an huskylens to Rpi, but when we run code given. When we upload the code, the husky lens is not automatically running the application we specified in the code. We have to manually select the application and moreover in the application , the result from husky about the width, xcenter etc is getting when we enter the key using keyboard, I need to print the Resultall() function continuously.
So, if someone has gone through and got succeeded in the both the questions I raised, Please help me in sorting it.
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I connect husky to my raspberry pi with the usb cable.

for p in ports:
# print(f"port: {p.description}")
if "CP2102N" in p.description:
HUSKY_USB = p.device
hl = HuskyLensLibrary("SERIAL", HUSKY_USB)
hl.algorthim("ALGORITHM_FACE_RECOGNITION") # chose here your algorithm: face tracking

Possible algorithms:

it's similar if you connect by i2c: ... /