Hello, I connect 1k resistors between the arduino module and MP3 rx/tx, but noise (murmur) is going on.
I cheked 4 differnt dfplayer mini and have the same problem. Any ideas about solve this problem?
Q 1. When Arduino send command to DFPlayer mini, the speaker will murmur, seems like noise, how to deal with it?
A: Plz connect a 1k resistor between the module and MP3 on TX-RX and RX-TX.Because DFPlayer Mini Module operating voltage is 3.3V.
Hello, sorry for long time answer



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#include <SoftwareSerial.h>
#include <DFPlayer_Mini_Mp3.h>

#define INIT_PORT 11 //порт инициализации
#define OPEN_PORT 10 //порт принудительного открытия
#define STATUS_PORT 12 //порт состояния

#define touch1_1 2
#define touch1_2 3
#define touch2_1 4
#define touch2_2 5

#define MP3_RX 8
#define MP3_TX 9

#define pinA 6  // Connected to CLK on KY-040
#define pinB 7  // Connected to DT on KY-040

#define MP3_BUSY 13

 int volume = 8;
 int oldvolume=0;
 int pinALast; 
 int aVal;
 boolean bCW;
 int audio_on=0; //временно 1 потом поставить =0
  SoftwareSerial mp3_serial = SoftwareSerial(9, 8); // RX, TX порты управления mp3

void setup() {
  pinMode(9, INPUT_PULLUP); digitalWrite(9,LOW);
  pinMode(8, OUTPUT);


pinMode(MP3_BUSY,INPUT_PULLUP); digitalWrite(MP3_BUSY,HIGH);


   pinMode (pinA,INPUT); // Connected to CLK on KY-040
   pinMode (pinB,INPUT); // Connected to DT on KY-040
   pinALast = digitalRead(pinA);

unsigned long t_vol=0;

void loop() {
 if(audio_on==0 /*&&
    digitalRead(touch1_1) == HIGH &&
    digitalRead(touch1_2) == HIGH &&
    digitalRead(touch2_1) == HIGH &&
    digitalRead(touch2_2) == HIGH */

   aVal = digitalRead(pinA);
   if (aVal != pinALast){ // если произошло вращение
     if (digitalRead(pinB) != aVal) {  // Means pin A Changed first - We're Rotating Clockwise
       if(millis()-t_vol>130 && volume>0) {
        volume --;
     } else {// Otherwise B changed first and we're moving CCW
       if(millis()-t_vol>130 && volume<30){
        volume ++;
    if(oldvolume!=volume) { mp3_set_volume(volume); delay(1);}
   pinALast = aVal;
  } else {
Hi bam,

What's your controller? If this cards operation voltage is
* 3.3V, no risister needed
* 5V, 1K risistance is ok

If it is not the problem related with the risistance, then how is it when you upload another MP3 player sample code?
Hello Leff,

Operating voltage is 4.6 - 5V
I use 1K resistance at TX and RX pins, but I listen "murmur" at low volume or where volume is "0".

I tried to use different arduino modules (nano, mega, uno, original\chines) and different DFPlayer mini modules with next code:
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#include <DFPlayer_Mini_Mp3.h>

#define MP3_RX 8
#define MP3_TX 9

SoftwareSerial mp3_serial = SoftwareSerial(MP3_TX, MP3_RX); // RX, TX mp3

void setup() {
  mp3_play(800); // or mp3_next();

void loop() {

, but result is same.

P.s. Sorry for my bad english.
Hey, my English is not my mother tongue either, yours is very good!

I tried it on Uno/leonardo without any problem, and only added one 1K to Rx.

But I remeber there was a time that I would here the murmue when the module is out of control, but once I upload an available code to play some music and stop it, no noise would be heared anymore.

Sorry I don't know what to suggest so far... If I got some idea, I will tell you.
Hello Leff,

I have "solved" a problem. I connect the MP3 module to other power supply unit - other than Arduino power supply unit, and the sound becomes pure, but I can't control MP3_BUSY pin.
Any Ideas how to use one power supply?
If I use one "ground", "murmur" is come back.


Good to hear that, I attached your answer to wiki>FAQ, Q1, hope you don't mind.

I didn't get you about "how to use one power supply", do you mean once you connct MP3 group to Arduino, murmur will come back? But the power adapter-arduino- mp3, they should be in the same ground, or serial signal won't work.

For the BUSY pin, if I didn't understand wrong, it can't be controlled. It represents the player's playing state, play/pause will set the pin HIGH/LOW.
Hi Leff,

It is very strange, but serial work without same ground. I found the same solve of this problem at another website: http://stonez56.blogspot.ru/2015/03/arduino-dfplayer-mini-mp3-module.html

But, without same ground Arduino can't read right status of Busy pin and this is big problem for my task. In cpp library i found function mp3_get_state (). I think that after call of this function mp3 module write answer to global variable recv_buf[], but there this no anything in this variable.

Hi Bam,

I tested it today, two findings:

1) When I used Arduino 3.3V as power source to PM3 module, even without the resistor, no noise came out, but with 5V from Arduino, it needs a 1k resistor. Besides, I also used an external power 5V as the linkyou attached, just as you said, it was ok, but I also tried to make them co-ground, no noise came out.

2) I tried to send the command mp3_get_state (); , and read from the serial port, but only got some strange characters(I think they were the state of the player, but I have to analyze them), but in the library, I found this:

(24.98 KiB) Downloaded 2412 times

Only the writer define a variable called recv_buf[], but did nothing about it, that's why it was empty after you send the command.

You could try to read serial data into the variable recv_buf[].