By MrIon
I cannot figure out how to log data on the SD card to test something out.

I added the following under the void loop in the datalogger.ino folder:


My SD_CS_PIN is 10

However theres no files that get created on the sd card. Am I missing something?
By MrIon
Yes. That worked. I get the folder "FRMATICS" created and the CSV file created. However there is no data in there. Is there something else that I need to do besides adding the logOBDDdata (PID_RPM), etc.?
By MrIon
Yes it was flashing. Since I'm connecting it to the emulator, I just kept turning the emulator on and off and eventually it started logging. However it's very iffy and I don't know why. Could it be the emulator?

I tried connecting to my car this morning and I only logged the speed and engine run time. The engine runtime worked, however the speed kept getting clocked in at 0?

Also I put it in my buddys car and the engine run time didn't get logged, but the speed did. However it didn't log the right speed?

I saw that PID_SPEED was not under the normalizeData() function, so I added in there like this:
        case PID_SPEED:
                result = getLargeValue(data);

Did I do that right? or should PID_SPEED just go to default which is getSmallValue?
By MrIon
I got it to work by removing the previouse PID_SPEED code i added.
Now I gotta test it out in a real car.

BTW how can I store and access a value in the EEPROM of the chip (lets say the variable its called value1)

By MrIon
Yeah I only need to store a float which is 4 bytes.

BTW when I turn off my car the obd is still logging data. How do I make sure that the it stops once the car turns off and start when the car starts back on?
By MrIon
OK. Tell me if this makes sense. I plugged it into a friends car and started the car and recorded that trip. However we turned off the car, left it plugged in and started another trip and it didn't log anything after that? any ideas?