By w4mmp
(Sorry if this a duplicate. I hit Preview and the system moved to a completely different page)

We are considering using the 5" display in a product we are designing that incorporates a Raspberry Pi 4B and a 5" display. We really like the fact this display only needs one cable (DSI) verses the HDMI and USB cables that most displays need. However, the RPi will not be installed on the back of the display. It would appear we need a longer (say 5 inches) cable. Are longer DSI cables available from DFRobot. If not, are the specs available for the cable so that we can find a replacement cable ourselves?

Hi Ron,
thank you for your contact.
Could you please provide the full product name or SKU. No?
So that we can check it ASAP.
By w4mmp
Hello, I notice these are out of stock again. Do you have a date when these will be back in stock?