Dear all, I have bought a MTO1084 motor with FIT0633 (CW) ESC. Although I could not find any doc, I have done some trials with my signal generator, and I have noticed that apparently this ESC is controllable through frequency and not duty cycle. Is it like this? Here's what I have done:
- I have put a square wave, 8 kHz, 50% duty cycle on the signal line of the ESC.
- Powered the ESC at 12V, 5A: the ESC emitted a musical tone.
- Swept up the frequency until 9 kHz: the ESC beeped.
I started lowering the frequency, and somewhere between 8 and 9 kHz the motor started.
I have noticed that lowering the frequency increased the torque, and viceversa. But I have also seen that changing the duty cycle does not seem to affect the torque at all.
Does anyone know where can I find the programming protocol for this ESC, or if someone knows if what I am doing is correct... Please correct my procedure, I think that it is largely suboptimal... Thank you!