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Top 10 Bestselling - 2018 Top Rated DFRobot Products Review

DFRobot Jan 02 2019 641

2018 was the warmest year ever together with your support. As the new year has come, we list top 10 Bestselling of 2018 on the basis of monthly selling data (LattePanda series and sensors are excluded). Let's check what those tops are!


I. micro: Maqueen micro:bit Robot Platform     $21.9


(Released on 2018 Aug)

Maqueen is a graphical programming robot for STEM education, which inherits playability and simple operation of micro:bit. The Mini-body, interesting features and plug-and-play allow children to quickly learn graphic programming in entertaining, nurturing children's interest in science and logical thinking.

Suggest Age: 8 + 



II. 7'' HDMI Display with Capacitive Touchscreen     $69.00

(Released on 2017 Nov)This is a 7 HDMI display with capacitive touchscreen. It comes with a 7" LCD screen with capacitive touch panel overlay on it. The touch panel supports up to 5 touch points. And it adopts DFRobot USB free-driver technology, no special requirement of drivers. You can use it as easy as keyboard or mouse. It can be directly plugged to PC for touching control. In combination with HDMI HD screen, it can turn a large PC to a tablet immediately.



III. Solar Power Manager 5V    $7.90

(Released on 2018 May)

Solar Power Manager 5V is a small power and high-efficiency solar power management module designed for 5V solar panel.

It features as MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) function, maximizing the efficiency of the solar panel. The module can provide up to 900mA charging current to 3.7V Li battery with USB charger or solar panel. The ON/OFF controllable DC-DC converters with 5V 1A output satisfies the needs of various solar power projects and low-power applications. The module also employs various protection functions for battery, solar panel and output, which greatly improves the stability and safety of your solar projects.



IV. RPLIDAR A1M8 - 360 Degree Laser Scanner Development Kit    $99.00


RPLIDAR A1 is a low cost 360 degree 2D laser scanner (LIDAR) solution developed by SLAMTEC. The system can perform 360 degree scan within 12-meter range (6-meter range of A1M8-R4 and the belowing models). The produced 2D point cloud data can be used in mapping, localization and object/environment modeling.


V. Beetle ESP32 Microcontroller  $14.90

(Released on 2018 Nov)


Is FireBeetle-ESP32 too big for your projects? Why not try our newly launched Beetle-ESP32. This Beetle-ESP32 Microcontroller of 1.38”×1.34”small size is a simplified version of FireBeetle-ESP32 and specially designed for electronic engineering fans and DIY lovers. It is equipped with 4 analog ports, 4 digital ports, UART and I2C interfaces, which would be a perfect replacement of FireBeetle-ESP32. This microcontroller enables users to directly burn programs via the on-board USB interface. Meanwhile, Bluetooth and WIFI are integrated in the microcontroller for supporting more applications. With this Beetle-ESP32, you can easily build up your dreaming project.



VI. Beetle BLE - The smallest Arduino bluetooth 4.0 (BLE)   $14.90

(Released on 2015 Mar)


Beetle BLE uses standard Arduino IDE to upload codeswithout any extra library and drivers. It makes DIY users to have more options in the project design. It is fully compatible with Bluno in instructions and procedures. Support Bluetooth HID and ibeacon modes.

The Beetle BLE offers a super tiny and low cost Arduino with bluetooth 4.0. The Beetle BLE can be used for disposable projects, such as DIY projects, workshops, gift projects, E-Textiles wearable and educational. For students and makers who can not afford too much on hardware purchasing, Beetle can be a great solution for them. 



VII. MXChip Microsoft Azure IoT Developer Kit  $39.00



MXChip Microsoft Azure IoT Developer Kit is a high quality and out-of-the-box solution equipped with the latest Microsoft cloud services to Arduino developers and IoT practitioners, integrated with the most commonly used sensors has is also capable of sensing further interfaces. In order to optimize the developer experience, further enrich software resources, and provide extensive hardware compatibility, we also expanded the Arduino development programming plugin on the Visual Studio Code editor.



VIII. Gravity: Digital 1-to-8 I2C Multiplexer  $6.90

(Released on 2018 Aug)

You just found the sensor you needed, and you want to wire up two or more to the I2C port of your main board, but later you realized that they have the fixed I2C address! On the same I2C port, DFRobot Gravity: I2C Multiplexer solves the address conflict and enables the normal communication with multiple same-address I2C devices.



IX. Devastator Tank Mobile Robot Platform (Metal DC Gear Motor)  $84.90

(Released on 2016 Jun)

The Devastator tank mobile robot platform is constructed from high strength aluminium alloy and is extremely solid and durable. The robot platform has multiple mounting holes that allow users to add various sensors, servos, turntables and controllers. The platform is fully compatible with popular microcontrollers on the market, such as Romeo All-in-one arduino board, Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+, Intel Edison, Lattepanda, etc. It is perfect for hobbyists, educators, robot competitions and research projects!


X. SIM7000E Arduino NB-IoT/LTE/GPRS/GPS Expansion Shield   $39.90

(Released on 2018 Jun)

(You may also have interests in SIM7000C Version)


This SIM7000E Arduino NB-IoT/LTE/GPRS expansion shield is a wireless communication module produced by DFRobot and the design is based on SIMCom SIM7000E. This wireless communication module is designed for Arduino controllers, supporting multi-frequency LTE-FDD communication, dual-frequency GPRS/EDGE communication, NB-IoT communication. No matter prototype developments or small-batch productions, SIM7000C Arduino NB-IoT/LTE/GPRS expansion shield is the best solution to applications of low power consumption, low latency and meddle-throughput. Besides onboard GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System), SIM7000E supports American GPS, Russian GLONASS, European Galileo, Japanese QZSS and Chinese BeiDou Navigation Satellite System. It can be widely applied to IoT applications.


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