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A Trip to Maker Faire Shen Zhen, 2014


The past weekend has witnessed another giant meetup of makers across the globe. At SheKou, a costal area of Shenzhen, the “city of manufacturing”, this two-day event has aroused over 100 dedicated groups of makers to showcase their projects to the coming audience. Being one among them, Team DFRobot take this chance to recall and share what we’ve seen and heard during this trip.
Before the Show
Thanks to the incorrect weather forecast, we enjoyed a couple of sunny days before Maker Faire Shenzhen, and took visits to some local “spots of interest”. Chaihuo Makerspace, the earliest local makerspace in Shenzhen was our first stop.
Maker Faire Shenzhen
The “Great Show $ Tell” begins with an enormous Bumblebee, standing at the entrance of plaza, fenced off.