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PROJECTS micro:bit

micro:bit Projects: Yes/No Bear

DFRobot Mar 23 2018 1354

Part needed
2 x 9G servo motor
1 x microbit
1 x micro:mate(breakout board)
1 x Pan tilt kit
1 x stuffed toy bear
Some scape materials (to be the base & raise the pan tilt kit higher)

Tilt servo ( nod head Yes)
Pin 1 Black
Pin 1 Red
Pin 1 Blue
Pan servo (shake head No)
Pin 0 Black
Pin 0 Red
Pin 0 Blue
How it works?
There are 2 possible answers. Either yes or no. We randomly generate the outcome when a button is pressed. When the answer is yes, the display will show Y & the tilt servo will response. When no, the display will show N and pan servo will response.

Using some scrape materials to raise the pan tilt kit and create the base.

Remove the thread at the bottom and the neck

The head must sit nicely on the tilt bracket

The code
When running the program, you will find that when the power is supplied through the usb of the micro:bit, the power is not strong enough to drive the 2 servos. Just connect the power to the vin of the micro:mate instead.

How to make it better?
Please feel free to make changes and share your thoughts. I wanted the bear to respond by sound. I tried using the analog sound sensor but I just can’t get it to work. No matter how I shouted at the microphone, the reading did not change.  Another possible improvement is to add a button at the base of the feet instead of pressing A button.                                                          

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