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LED Writing Board (micro:bit Compatible)

DFRobot Apr 04 2018 1379

Parts needed
1 x photo frame
RGB individually addressable LED strip (neo pixels)
1 x microbit
1 x micro:mate(breakout board)
Drawing using neon markers

How it works?
The LED writing board is created using a photo frame that is surrounded with LED strip lights. When button A is pressed, the led strip turns white and flash. When button B is pressed, a random color is generated. To off, press button A and B together.

How to connect?



Pin 0 Black (Gnd)


Pin 0 Red (3.3V)


Pin 0 Blue (Signal)


Lay the LED strip around the frame. Try to connect the strip around the entire frame.
As my photo frame base needs to slide in, I formed a U shape.

** You can power around 8 LEDs directly from the micro:bit but, for more than that, you might need to power them separately. I tried just using the Vin of the micro:mate and it seems to work fine. Do take note that if current is not enough, the color may not be correct.
If you want the strip to connect to external supply

** you still need to connect power to the  micro:bit.

This is a bigger version. The concept is the same.

 (This is done by modifying an existing whiteboard). The video is purposely flipped.

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