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PROJECTS micro:bit

Mother’s Day recycled craft using micro:bit,neopixel and laser cutter by Mark Ng

DFRobot May 10 2018 666

What you need

  • 1. Cardboard from carton box
  • 2. Neopixel strip(6 LEDS) x 2
  • 3. Dupont cables
  • 4. micro:bit
  • 5. Laser cutter



1. Count the number of LEDS on the strip or ring. Specify which pin the neopixel is connected to.
2. Take note of the arrow direction .
Din is the input (connect to the micro:bit). To connect 8 leds or more (recommended but a lot of
times, I have no problem running 12) in a strip requires an external supply.

Neopixel Micro:bit basic blink

Neopixel Micro:bit basics rainbow

Neopixel Micro:bit basics set individual color

Neopixel Micro:bit basics rotate by 1

** to rotate in the opposite direction, change rotate pixels by -1
Neopixel Micro:bit control by buttons.
Button A blink
Button B random colours
Button A+B off

Download mothersday laser cut files. Feel free to modify the design

Mother’s Day code

Light0 strip will be rainbow color
Light1 strip will change color whenever A is pressed
Press A+B to off

The original content is shared by Mark Ng


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