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DFRobot Continues Coding Education in Secondary School

DFRobot Apr 22 2019 611

SHANGHAI, China, April 09, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Thanks to society’s increased reliance on technology and its ever-expanding presence in the workforce, the need for coding as a part of STEM education has become increasingly important. What’s more, as technology continues to advance at such a rapid pace, students are now expected to have a deep understanding of coding and its supporting functions. With this in mind, it is now essential for not only coding, but also hardware to become a part of the lesson plan to ensure that students gain a comprehensive knowledge base. It is through this use of hardware that students can bring their coding to life and explore a wide range of practical applications. Think of rebooting your computer, voice recognition applications, and the Internet of Things – each of these are examples of coding and hardware working in concert and are clear examples of why incorporating hardware is important in secondary education.

CEO of DFRobot, Ricky Ye’s discussion about coding education in secondary school draws media attention.

The need for coding as a part of STEM education has become increasingly important. Despite an awareness for an increase in coding attainment, Ricky pointed out that the implementation of computing and coding resources into classrooms has faced numerous challenges. 

To take on these challenges, Ricky suggested ways in which students are able to have ample opportunities to enhance their hardware knowledge and educators can ensure the effective integration of coding hardware at the same time.

He also discussed the importance of providing students with the opportunity to choose which classes they would like to enrol in and giving students the opportunity to learn directly from a coding professional. 

Media coverage over Ricky’s discussion includes DPA Magazine, Barchart.com, FinanzNachrichten.de, etc.
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