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How to run EZ-builder on LattePanda

DFRobot Jul 22 2019 820

The LattePanda is a small single board computer (SBC), similar to the raspberry Pi and a kabillion times more powerful. The LattePanda can run Windows 10 and therefore, a full version of EZ-Builder! The LattePanda also has an Arduino Leonardo built on-board, which means you can load the EZB Firmware and have a self contained and very capable PC robot controller. This firmware works with EZ-Builder versions greater or equal to 2019.06.25.00.

Live Robot Hacking with LattePanda and EZ-Builder

* Connection Notes *

Due to an undocumented bug feature (?), the Arduino Leonardo's USB serial driver requires DTR Enabled to trigger received data events. This can be done by viewing the Connection Config screen (same place you set the baudrate) and checking DTR Enabled checkbox.

Arduino Firmware

In the meantime, download the Arduino firmware below. You can program on the Arduino Leonardo that's built into the LattePanda. By adding this firmware, you can connect EZ-Builder to the local Arduino and control the GPIO directly.

Download Arduino Leonardo Firmware: EZ-Genuino_Leonardo.zip

The Digital pins from 0-14 can be used for PWM, servos and digital on/off. The ADC ports are 0-5 for analog input. Digital pin 0 is Uart #0 RX, and digital pin 1 is Uart #0 TX.

DF Robot has a fantastic shield for the lattepanda that both powers it from 7-12v and breaks out the I/o for servos and sensors. We highly recommend getting the shield to reduce spaghetti wiring on your robot :). Check it out here: lattepanda shield.

EZ-Robot EZ-B v4 Direct Connection

While the onboard Arduino Leonardo is convenient, the amount of gpio is limiting. For those who wish to directly connect an EZ-B v4 to the LattePanda can do so and have full access to the 24 gpio, 3 hardware UART, 8 adc, i2c, digital switching power supply and real-time streaming audio.

1. The camera port of the EZ-B v4 will be used for the hardwired connection. View the datasheet of the EZ-B v4 to see the pinouts of the camera connection. It's best to modify an existing EZ-Robot camera cable to access the pins. Connect the EZ-B camera's TX to LattePanda pin #2 (D0 RX) on the Arduino header. Connect the EZ-B camera's RX to LattePanda pin #4 (D1 TX) on the Arduino header. Connect the EZ-B camera's GND to LattePanda pin #23 (GND) on the Arduino header.

2. The EZ-B v4 web configuration must be configured in the Advanced Tab to change Serial/USB Connection to 256000 BAUD. This is done by connecting to the EZ-B v4 via Wi-Fi and visiting in your browser. Select Advanced Settings and change the Serial/USB Connection dropdown to 256000. Press the Save and Reboot button.

3. Upload the following program to the onboard Arduino Leonardo on the LattePanda: EZB_Passthrough.zip. Due to the lack of hardware UARTs on the LattePanda, this converts the onboard Arduino Leonardo into a USB UART adapter at 256,000 baud.

4. In EZ-Builder, press the CONFIG button on the connection control and enable DTR Enable.

5. Select the COMx port from the drop down in the connection control and press CONNECT. You are now connected to the EZ-B v4 via hardwire for instant response and no latency.

This ariticle is from here.