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Temperature and Humidity Logging Over Ethernet

DFRobot Apr 09 2013 323


Kerry D. Wong built a project on temperature/humidity logging with better capabilities. The reason why is that he did this one a couple of years ago.One issue with the approach he took back then was that the data could not be observed in real time because the logged data were written to an SD card and could only be retrieved once the logging process was done. The actual build is quite simple: just hook the sensor to the I2C bus and connect the Ethernet module to the SPI bus and we are done. The following picture shows the general layout of everything in a project box. The Ethernet module is on the left side. At the bottom is the board for the 3.3V regulator. The timer board is located towards the top of the picture. The temperature and humidity sensor is isolated in a separate chamber to minimize the reading errors due to the heat generated from the rest of the circuit. Several ventilation holes were also drilled on the side walls around the sensor to ensure more accurate measurement of the environment. 


Hardware list:

For more info please go into the Source: Kerry D. Wong