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3D print your own robot from Maker Club

DFRobot Feb 18 2015 357

In a bid to introduce kids to the world of Arduino Educational tech company, Maker Club have developed a set of 3D printable robots anyone can make from scratch, and to power them a custom designed Arduino based chip which can communicate with their app.

Jony Ive said earlier that he struggles to hire young people with adequate skills in product design; that schools aren’t delivering. With an industry crying out for talent and schools which can’t supply that demand we could quite easily end up with a void of those who could’ve but can’t. So initiatives like this are fantastic.

Robots require a range of skills, from programming to design and electronics, which make them the ideal learning tool.

“Robots are such great learning tools, giving people a hands on way to understand electronics, the basics of 3D design and then how to code. – it’s also a fantastic family activity” - Founder  and CEO of Maker Club, Simon Riley

Their crowd sourcing campaign aims to bring the robot parts to the masses and includes a custom designed Arduino capable of communicating with an app, allowing easy control of the robots via smartphones.

Go fund them now if interested.

Source: Indiegogo