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NEWS Bluetooth

Results of Bluno Beetle Free Trial is announced!

DFRobot Apr 01 2015 6

Hi all,

Following our Free Trial last month, we were really amazed by the numbers and ingenius project ideas we've received! A big thank you to all fans, old and new friends of DFRobot, thank you for helping and supporting us with your idea and cooperation! We are incredibly grateful for all the support and feedback you've made! 

Since we were overwhelmed by the outrageous number of applications, we made a decison that was hard to refuse: to give out 71 instead of 10 free Bluno Beetle so that a lot more of you could get and put this little board into your great personal projects! Here is the grand list:

*ppl*m*[email protected]*il.com
*[email protected]*il.com
[email protected]*il.com
m*[email protected]*lff.n*t
[email protected]
dimpl*[email protected]*cs*rs.com
s*[email protected]*il.com
kri*gsm*[email protected]
luk*j*[email protected]*il.com
st*v*n*t*[email protected]*il.com
m*t*.z*[email protected]*il.com
[email protected]*il.com
[email protected]*
p*[email protected]*m*ntl*.org
jos*m*nj*rr*[email protected]*il.com
[email protected]*n*t.nl
j*[email protected]*il.com
m*lh*id*[email protected]
[email protected]*s*.com
log*n.j*m*[email protected]*ro*d.com
[email protected]*il.ru
zikol*[email protected]*il.com
y*rsh*[email protected]*il.com
ostolz*nb*rg*[email protected]*il.com
*[email protected]*il.com
n*[email protected]***.upd.*du.ph
jos*[email protected]*il.com
m*[email protected]*puu.com
k*vingr*[email protected]*hoo.com
g*r*[email protected]*
s*mo.sl*[email protected]*il.com
llor*nc.corb*[email protected]*il.com
l*od*[email protected]*il.com
jfm*nc**[email protected]*il.com
chi*[email protected]*il.com
mil*s*ndr*[email protected]*hoo.com
cwsch*[email protected]*t
d*v*[email protected]*il.com
contr*[email protected]*il.com
s**[email protected]*zt*r*.com
m*ndy.b*mb*[email protected]*
gi*nluc*[email protected]*il.com
fr*[email protected]*nklinv**ux.com
pbsgonc*lv*[email protected]*il.com
ston*[email protected]*hoo.com.tw
ord*[email protected]*t
*johnf*[email protected]*lwicky.onmicrosoft.com
f*[email protected]*hoo.com
p*t*r.ki*tzm*[email protected]*w-h*mburg.d*
g*iofl*[email protected]*il.com
j*mi*t*[email protected]*il.com
mf*[email protected]*du.my
jwilli*[email protected]
[email protected]*tti.or.kr
[email protected]*il.com
cont*[email protected]*stin*d.com
PL*FOR*[email protected]
lu*[email protected]*st.n*t
pi*rcingdr*gon*y*[email protected]*il.com
l*ur*nt_fromt*[email protected]*il.com
**ron.s*d*[email protected]*nk*l.com
j*vi*r.*rc*n*[email protected]*l.*s


To winners:

Each of you should have got an email regarding next steps, please follow the instructions and keep in contact with us. Should you have any inquiries or questions testing this product, please feel free to drop in at any time. Our 24/7 techsupport address is [email protected]

To those who missed out:

Don't worry, we've got more trials in-coming! I'm sure your patience will be rewarded :)

Thanks again for being with DFRobot, and wish you enjoy making things!


DFRobot Marketing Team