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A game for electronics aficionados

DFRobot May 07 2015 254
If you have ever spent time hunting down a missing connection in your circuits, then Hook is for you. This puzzle game requires the same focus and patience as wiring a circuit board. Its minimal design will even remind you of one.

The app is stripped bare of any timer, scoring system or menus, to give the focus to the problem-solving experience. There aren’t any instructions either, the game play is intuitive, and every move can be achieved by a single tap.

As the levels go by, new elements are introduced; just as if you’d started with a simple LED circuit, and then learnt to multiplex them, add buttons and switches. The main difference with circuit building, though, is that you have to get rid of the elements in a particular order; like trying to figure out how it was assembled.

Hook is available to download on most mobile platforms (including Windows Phone), and is so hard to put down that it will keep makers and puzzle enthusiasts occupied and entertained. One thing is certain, we’re hooked!

Download the app for your phone: iOS | Android | Windows Phone