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Projects from the 1st Brain Storm Competition within DFRobot

DFRobot Aug 28 2015 322

Last week, we had the 1st Brain Storm Competition. There are 5 groups participated in this activity. Based on the platform - Cherokey 4WD Mobile Robot, they finally bring out five projects.

Group 1: Shooting Practice Robot


  1. (Robot) Automatic movement; automatically avoid obstacle
  2. Real-time visualize ‘Health of the robot’ 
  3. Can recognize the shooting direction and then automatically escape from the dangerous zone.
  4. Similar to AR technology 
  5. Have firework after the health of robot fading away


Group 2: Educational robot controlled by mobile devices


  1. Speech control
  2. Voice interaction
  3. Can be an interactive video medium
  4. Combination of Ipad, Whendo and Programming

In this Video, the robot achieves movements forward, stop, draw back by voice controlling; Moreover, it warmly reminds the lady ‘you have a phone call’ and drives a cup of water to the lady. 

Group 3: Hello Jerry (Pets-interacting robot) 

  1. Use 2DOF Automatic/ Manual laser. As we know, pets like chasing the light spot. What a good idea to excise your pet by controlling the laser shooting from the robot. 
  2. Automatically provision the pet.  
  3. Voice recognition mode: where can play Master’s voice. 

By adding camera and WIFI module, this robot could help the owner remotely interacting with their pets.
Group 4:Acoustic-navigation controlling robot 

  1. This one designed for the lazy
  2. It looks like the cloud; soft and comfortable
  3. Acoustic navigation
  4. Can store food. When you feel hungry, ask the robot to send you food!

This robot absolutely is your private waiter. 
Group 5: Educational Modular-robot

  1. This group is trying to modularize the platform and make it easier to use. If the goal finally achieved, Doraemon is no longer only live in the virtual world.
  2. On the limited time, they added two games for the robot: one is to move objects, the other is to sort dichroic objects.