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How To DIY a Robot with Function of Gap Avoidance

DFRobot Jun 23 2016 1219

When the robot wanders around and arrives at step or the edge of the table, it can detect that there is a cliff in front of it, on the left or right of it to avoid the cliff and protect itself, then continue its journey [ with the function of obstacle avoidance and collision avoidance function in some parts]. Now let's diy robot! 

Step 1  
The Arduino camera can capture the infrared clearly.
Add two Arduino sensors (crash sensor left and crash sensor right) to prevent collision in some parts
Adjust the orientation of the stand and this is the formal status. In the video, the original status was shown. The orange support ultra sound module on the steering engine above it is used to avoid obstacle and the blue ultra sound is used to avoid falling in forward movement. Add IR sensor on left and right side.

Pull together the hardware components by referring to the robot kit.

Add 3 Arduino IR sensors.

Bottom up (two Arduino IR sensor on right and left side+Arduino ultrasonic sensor in its front, use the ultra light alloy stand on old helicopter to fix it)