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TankCS - a First Person Tank Battle Stimulation

DFRobot Feb 21 2014 250

Project by Nille


The original idea of this project was to restore the classic WWI tank battles with my toy cars.  Players will be able to "sit right in their tanks, move, aim and fire" with wireless camera and IR communication, just like the popular computer game "Counter Strike", that's why it's called TankCS
The current version of TankCS is equipped with IR emission, IR receiving, Wireless Camera and Sound. The body and upper armor are 3d printed by DreamMaker, as seen in picture. Here is a video of how it works.

Some Parts Used

Going Further

Some upgrading plans for TankCS: 1. Remote Racing Wheel Controller

2. Health Indication via OSD (On Screen Display). Max HP is 4 currently.

3. Positioning, Miniature map, Virtual reality, Image Recognition... Or the weapon system, such as rail gun :)