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Introducing the Upgraded Breakboard Range

DFRobot Sep 12 2013 215


Howdy. You might have noticed some tiny changes in our recent breakboards, what’s happening?

Yes. We’ve been working really hard to carve out a way of improving our products, both literally and technically. We’ve been sparing no efforts in the loops of thinking, drawing, designing prototypes, testing, redesigning, and rethinking, and this time we decide to upgrade our breakboard range, in the below aspects.

User Friendliness+

The new range all comes with the standard assembling structure. The distance between two 3mm mounting holes is multiple of 5mm, to facilitate the designing and assembling process.

Clear interface. An “A” stands for analog and a “D” for digital. These symbols are printed in plain white and can be easily spotted in the corners of breakboards. In the back of each sensor, you will also find an icon illustrating the function in an obvious way.

The range of supply voltage is 3.3V-5V, making it easier to be connected with the new Arduino DUE family.  


Unified design with upgraded screen printing technique. Each breakboards are equipped with a high quality connector, and is handled under a higher standard screen printing process. Gold immersions are also used to ensure the durability and adds an exclusive flavor to the board.

Well, it's always happy to see more and more of these tiny shiny boards up in the market, and then to projects and hands. We are proud of what we’ve been working on, and we really hope you will like them, too. Oh, and also if you have any comment or idea about this upgrade, please don’t hesitate to drop us an email via [email protected] Enjoy making!