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DFRobot BOSON Demo Project 01- Make an Electronic Candle

DFRobot May 27 2017 816

Let's use BOSON to make an electronic candle.



About  DFRobot's Boson Kit

Boson kit is a powerful STEM Kit for kids to develop their logical and creative skills. It breaks down complicated circuits into simple, functional modules that are easy to understand. The kit requires no coding or soldering which decorates an ideal starting place for enthusiastic young inventors, educators and tinkerers. 



What Is The Electronic Candle?

1. Sensitive to a certain intensity of light to light electronic candles;

2. When the light is weak and the induction of a certain intensity of the sound, the electronic candle goes out.


Electronic candles are so magical. However, how to make an electronic candles with BOSON modules? Let's take a look at the wiring diagram of the BOSON modules.


Now let's take a step by step to make an electronic candle.

1.  Please find out all the BOSON modules we need.
2.  The first step is to connect the light sensor and the logic module "OR".


It should be noted that the logic module interface and the interface of the splitter module is divided into input and output ports. The light sensor is connected to an input port of the logic module ”OR”.

3.  Connect the logic module "OR" output ports to an input of the main board.


4.  Connect the corresponding output port on the main board to the input port of the splitter module.


5.  Connect one of the output ports on the splitter module to the multicolor string light. 


6.  Connect the sound sensor and the input ports of threshold module.

The role of the threshold module is to adjust the intensity of the sound required for the electronic candle to extinguish.


7.  Next, two lines are required, one for connecting the threshold module to the input port of the logical module “NOT”; the other for connecting the output port of the logical module “NOT” to an input ports of the logical module “AND”.

8.  Need a long wire. Connect the output ports of the logical module “AND” to the input port of the logical module “OR”.  

9.  The last step, connect the logic module “AND” to the splitter module.


Well, install the battery, and switch the switch to "ON" state. Test whether it can realize the effect of electronic candles.

Build the shape of an electronic candle

Design a nice look for an electronic candle.

Hide some wires and make it cleaner.


A complete electronic candle is done. You can also add some decorations to make it more beautiful.