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The New BBC micro:bit Announced

DFRobot Oct 14 2020 927

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As detailed on Microbit.org, The new BBC micro:bit is a more powerful device combining all the same features of the original and adding built-in microphone, speaker, capacitive touch sensor, and power save button. The latest developments also provide an updated technical platform designed to provide capabilities for introducing future projects that will allow future AI and ML education projects in schools.

Any programs you create that use the original micro:bit features will work on your original and new version of the micro:bit, though of course you’ll need to connect headphones or a speaker to the original micro:bit to hear any sound!

If you need it, please visit the Buy page for updates.

What's New?

1.Sense and react to sound with the built-in microphone

The New BBC micro:bit

2.Play sound with the built-in speaker

The New BBC micro:bit

3.Capacitive touch sensor (a bit like your phone!)

4. Power saving mode

5.More computing power

The New BBC micro:bit

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