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2021 Top 10 New Products

DFRobot Jan 25 2022 863

Thank you very much for your support and advice in 2021!

As the new year has come, we list the top 10 DFRobot new products of 2021. Let's check what those tops are!

 Top 1. PiTray mini for Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4


PiTray mini is a Model B liked carrier board for building clusters with Raspberry Pi Computed Module 4 (CM4). PiTray mini focuses on providing a neat and budget solution for CM4 applications. With the same outline and mounting holes with Raspberry Pi Model B, it can be stacked upon the existed cluster.



 Top 2. Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 IoT Router Carrier Board Mini


Compute Module 4 IoT Router Carrier Board Mini is an internet expansion board based on the Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4. When connecting with a gigabit network card via PCle, it brings Raspberry Pi CM4 two full-speed gigabit network ports and offers better performance, lower CPU usage, and higher stability for a long time work compared with a USB network card.

Price: $45.00

Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 IoT Router Carrier Board Mini


  Top 3.  Acrylic Case with Heatsink for Raspberry Pi CM4 IoT Router Carrier Board Mini


A case and heat sink kit built specifically for the Raspberry Pi CM4 IoT Router Mini.

Now you can tuck the CM4 IoT Router Mini into your power distribution box, without worrying about a short circuit on the exposed PCB.

The metal heat sink can quickly export the heat from the BCM2711, avoid overheating and speed reduction during full-load operation.

Price: $8.90

Acrylic Case with Heatsink for Raspberry Pi CM4 IoT Router Carrier Board Mini


 Top 4. Fermion: DFPlayer Pro - A mini MP3 Player with On-board 128MB Storage (Breakout)


This MP3 player module supports four controlling modes: Arduino, AT command, onboard buttons, and ADKEY.

You can directly press the on-board button to play or switch music without using a controller.

Moreover, this player module has 128MB of storage.

Price: 8.90


 Top 5. PiTray Clip Din Rail Mount (Compatible for Raspberry Pi and NVIDIA Jetson Nano)

Introduction: PiTray clip is a Din Rail mounter for Single Board Computers like Raspberry Pi. Assembled of a 304 Stainless Steel blended plate and nylon clip with spring, it provides a simple, quick, strong, and durable Din Rail installation solution suitable for industrial setup, home automation application as well as cluster building.

Price: $6.50


 Top 6. mmWave Radar - Human Presence Detection (9m)


This 24GHz millimeter-wave radar sensor employs FMCW, CW multi-mode modulation, and separate transmitter and receiver antenna structure.

The millimeter-wave radar can sense the human presence, stationary and moving people within the detection area. Moreover, it can even detect static or stationary human presence such as a sleeping person.

There are two ways provided to output detection results: serial port and I/O port switch quantity.

Price: $29.00

mmWave Radar - Human Presence Detection (9m)


 Top 7. Fermion: Voice Recorder Module (Breakout)


The voice recorder module supports 4 controlling modes (Arduino, AT command, on-board buttons, and ADKEY), and multi-segment voice recording. You can directly press the on-board buttons to record or play voice without using a controller.

Price: $6.90


 Top 8. ESP32-C3-MINI-1-N4 Module (PCB antenna)


ESP32-C3-Mini-1 is a universal Wi-Fi and low-power Bluetooth LE module. The rich set of peripherals and small size make the two modules an ideal choice for smart homes, industrial automation, health care, consumer electronics, etc.

ESP32-C3-MINI-1-N4 is equipped with ESP32-C3FN4 chip and equipped with 4 MB embedded flash, belonging to the esp32-C3 series chip. ESP32-C3 series of chips have a 32-bit RISC-V single-core processor.

Price: $4.50

ESP32-C3-MINI-1-N4 Module (PCB antenna)


 Top 9. Raspberry Pi Case for Raspberry Pi 4B (Compatible with Pi ICE Fan)

Introduction: This is a metal case for Low profile ICE Tower Cooler. It is fit for Raspberry Pi 4B. Not only does it provide good protection for your Raspberry Pi, but the installed fan can also effectively dissipate heat. The shell retains all the peripherals, so you can use the camera, GPIO, mouse, keyboard, and display very easily.

Price: $11.00

Raspberry Pi Case for Raspberry Pi 4B (Compatible with Pi ICE Fan)


 Top 10. Gravity: I2C HUB

Introduction: This Gravity: I2C HUB module is designed to connect up to 8 I2C devices to a main-controller, which allows you easily to hook up multiple I2C devices in project building, for instance, use Gravity-4P I2C/UART sensor cable to connect with Gravity modules or use Jumper Wire to connect with Breakout modules.

Price: $1.50

Gravity: I2C HUB