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2022 Pi Day - Bring Your Pi to Life!

DFRobot Jan 08 2022 255

Bring Your Pi to life!

From 10th, Mar to 17th, Mar, we will be celebrating Pi Day!

We've listed some hot sale Raspberry Pi accessories! And Enjoy Raspberry Pi product discounts!


2022.3.10~2022.3.17, GMT +8  

 1.  Raspberry Pi Accessories Guide and Recommendation 

Raspberry Pi Accessories Guide and Recommendation

We've listed some hot-sale essential accessories, expansion shields, modules, and tools.

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 2. Pi Day Limited Special Offer 

Pi Day, Sales, DFRobot

On this Pi Day Event (10th~17th, Mar 2022), you can enjoy the Flash Deal that comes with 19 different Raspberry Pi related products from DFRobot store. 

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Pi Day, Sales, DFRobot

 3.  Raspberry Pi Projects 

Raspberry Pi Projects

Click Here to Learn Raspberry Pi Projects

 4.  New Member Benefits 

DFRobot, Coupon

New Customers who complete the information will get coupons, worth $33 in total.

The coupons for new customers (only available for registered customers, those who checkout through Paypal Express Checkout have to login first).

Note: LattePanda Boards /Raspberry Pi boards /micro:bit Boards /micro: Maqueen /PCB /RPLIDAR /NVIDIA / Sony /Maix / RPLIDAR /ToF products are not available to apply.

Validity: 30 days

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 5.  VIP Member Benefits 

Exclusive Benefits for Return Customers, save up to 15%

DFRobot Members (regular customers) can enjoy many benefits:

VIP Discount (Up to 15% off)

Free VIP Shipping Coupons

Freight Vouchers

Exclusive Customer Service

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 6.  World Wide Free Shipping 

DFRobot, Pi Day

World Wide Free Shipping on orders over $150.

** Orders over 2KG or orders from countries in  Zone 9 are not eligible for free shipping.

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If your payment is in a currency other than US dollars, the final coupon value will be determined by the exchange rate on the day the coupon is applied. As a result, coupon value may vary slightly.

The coupon is non-transferable and may not be redeemed for cash or store credits.

Distributors are not eligible to attend this event.

   DFRobot reserves the right of final interpretation.